Friday, April 23, 2010

Presenting the Results in APA Style

Once the dependent t-test is complete and the answers have been calculated, the results have to be correctly presented.

Step 1: Reveal the statistical examination used -
In this test, a one-tailed, paired–samples t-test (dependent t-test) was used to evaluate the data presented.

Step 2: Describe how the dependent variable (DV) is affected by the independent variable (IV)
Whether the right hand or left hand was used did not make a difference.
t(65)= -.90, p ≤ 0.05, d=0

Step 3: Variability, compare means. Which group had a high mean and which group had a low
Righthanded- M = 74.5252
Lefthanded- M = 66.0224

The results revealed that there was no significant difference between the lefthanded group and the right handed group. The null hypothesis was retained.
Ho: MD ≥ 0

Independent variable- manipulated

Dependent variable- depends on the independent variable, being measured

t = obtained score

p = p- value – probability

d = difference- used to compare the mean of samples

M = mean- the average score of numbers in a sample

Ho = the hypothesis being tested

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